How being in the wilderness produces your brave moments

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Your brave moment is the root of faith and courage. It is also your opportunity to be in the wilderness.

Facing each day when all is flowing in the direction you want it to go, takes minimal faith. On the other hand, meeting the day when life is questionable; when you’re fighting with your spouse; when you’re wondering why you are still single or wondering why you got dealt the hand you have— takes you being brave.

Every wilderness moment you have in life is a great example of what it looks like to have the root of faith and courage. Not only did it take faith to see a brighter day, but it took you having the courage to continue your travel down the wooded path that got difficult to see from time to time. It is with these times in the wilderness that defines your brave moment.

With your wilderness moment, you are producing and demonstrating how brave you are in life, which connects to you having faith and you having the courage to continue in spite of your reality.

Moving from reality to bravery while in the wilderness:

1) Takes you looking within to highlight the different fears that are suffocating your journey to be brave. If you are in a season where your reality is not what you imagined, move into bravery one step at a time by highlighting the fears then intentionally moving forward.

2) Becomes a daily choice you make when you leave your reality of fear. I have found that fear is the ultimate distraction because it keeps us from spreading our love, being the light in someone’s dark world, and not getting the connection we were created to receive.

3) Finds its way even when every voice in your head tells you that you can’t do it. It’s the voices in our inner ear that distracts us the most in life. When we lessen the voices in our ear, we come to a place of bravery, which makes us a force to be reckoned with because we have stepped into the sphere of faith, courage, and bravery.

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Know that your current reality is not the final stop for you. In this season you will know what it is like to walk through the wilderness, but you will also know what it is like to come out on the other side.

Keep going…while you are in the wilderness.  

Dr. E


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