Questions: How do you hold on to the Hand you cannot see? Or How do you trust that the Creator of the universe has the outcome under control? These are legitimate questions that as a human being, you may ponder. And that’s okay because He does not expect you to not seek out how He does things!

In my own life, I’ve had questions like the ones above because I was inwardly troubled with what was happening during the times the questions popped in my mind.

The situations I experienced often left me confused, worried, frustrated, sad, angry, and disappointed. With all of these feelings, I knew God was around, I was just in a mental place where I could not see how things were ever going to change on my behalf and for my benefit.

As you know…

Life has its downs and ups. Whether it’s not knowing what you want to do next in life, finances, loss of a job, marriage problems, talk of a divorce, hoping to get married one day soon, wanting to be in a relationship, business woes, health woes, or just not living your best life at the current moment, God’s Hand is there in the midst of it.

So, if you’re struggling today trying to figure out if you can ‘hold on to the hand you cannot see,’ you can. I wish I were able to tell you that you can physically see God’s Hand, but I can’t. However, I will say to you, believing that you believe (ha! a lot of belief here), is the foundation to holding on to the Hand you cannot see and recognizing He’s right there in the midst of your undesirable situation, which offers you peace.

“How do you begin to believe?”

My answer: Read His Word.

I know it may not be the most notable answer you were looking for, but this is what I know works because I’ve been there. And some days, I find myself asking the questions listed at the beginning of this post.

Ohhh…how I want to give you a quick step-by-step way to do it so that it happens overnight. But, intentionally reading scriptures that encourage you is a genuine way that cultivates your belief that all is well… because God is in control at the end of each day.

And, as you begin to choose insights from the Bible that meets you in your current situation, you will be able to identify His Hand in the middle of your situation, which allows you to see that God has your best interest in His heart and on His mind.

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