Have you ever wondered, ‘when is it going to be my time…?’

A question such as the one mentioned above could refer to those things you pray about, that un-joyful situation you want to be over, the family member you’re concerned about, or it could refer to you wondering will something great ever knock on your door.

No matter your thought process toward the question, you’re a human, and God knows that.


In 2007, I wanted to move into the city (Atlanta). I was going to rent my house out, and then I was ‘going to get’ my high- rise condo because I was celebrating that single woman lifestyle where I was doing my thing! But, as the housing market begins to plummet in 2008, deep down in my soul, I softly heard, ‘ you’re going to be in this house until you get married….’ Huh?? What??

1. Getting married was ‘not’ on my To-do-list.

2. I enjoyed that single living where I would catch flights to NY (that’s a story in itself…).

3. I was so career-driven that research took up the majority of my time!

4. I still desired my high-rise condo in the city, because, at this point, I was making moves to invest in the real estate market by flipping houses.

5. Boy was I WRONG!

Where am I today, right now to be exact?! I’m married, in a home where we have a lot of trees in our back yard, and no desire to live in ‘the city.’

As I reflect, God knew before I was born that I would go through several different emotions when it came to my living situation. But, He also knew that the things I endured would prepare me for the desires of my heart changing, therefore, prompting Him to release the blessings ‘right on time.’

You may have those feelings of wanting to give up…

In those moments when you feel discouraged because it hasn’t happened for you yet— does not mean He leaves you behind, it means that it’s an appointed time for it to happen. From my experience, God will prepare you for what you’ve been asking for in several different ways.

As you intentionally seek Him out, God will lead you down the path that prepares you for the blessing.

Will it happen overnight? From my experience—No. But, it does happen at the appointed time that God knew you would be ready to receive it. By you preparing to receive what you prayed about expresses to God that your faith is in Him and not the time that it’s taking to see the change you desire to see.

Hope and the faith to see it…

Given these points, whatever you’re hoping for, praying about, or keep having the desire for it to change—means God is still preparing you to receive it.

“What should I do?” You can prepare by asking God what you need to do specifically to get ready for the blessing that you want to be released in your life. As you prepare on your end, God is putting the final touches for your desire(s) to be answered at the appointed time because, at that time, you’re prepared for the blessing and you’re ready to receive it.

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