4 ways to begin handling the emotions from being heartbroken

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Every undesirable emotion you feel is an opportunity for God to show you who He is.

The emotions that you feel are real because you are a human being that was created to feel different things when different situations arise. For instance, when you experience a heartbreak of any sort, the emotions are not comforting, nor are they desirable. However, they represent your truth in that season of your life.

Real life.

Life will have you not wanting to live, not wanting to be around anyone, not wanting to take care of yourself, not wanting to believe that there is a Higher Power that cares for you, and the list goes on…

With all of those emotions, you are in a season of walking through a valley. You may hear a lot about the valley from Psalm 23, but a lot of times, as humans, we have to come to an understanding of who is with us when we ‘walk through the valley.’ Ha! I have those days of “God., where are you???”

On your worst days of feeling a ton of emotions, being angry with God (I’ve been there many of times), or you are trying to figure out who God is…The ‘presence’ that you can’t see is walking right next to you.

Gosh, believing that God is right there can be challenging to understand at times, especially when things are crazy in your life. But, when you are in a broken state of life, God will be right there to help you from an internal standpoint, which will spill over into your external world.

What to do in a time of heartbreak.

1) Be still.

2) Feel every emotion (i.e., it’s okay to scream, cry, yell, or curse- ha! God already knows what you’re feeling)

3) Begin to read various scriptures in Psalms because you will see that people had some of the same thoughts we think today (check out Psalm 13)

4) Extend grace to yourself by taking it one moment at a time

5) Repeat numbers 1-4.

You have experienced some hurtful things, but know as you continue to walk through this season of your life, the heaviness you feel will begin to subside.


Keep going…

Dr. E


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