Don’t give up in the midst of being determined in life

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The determination you have is the root of seeing the situation change.

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Being determined

Every time you are determined, you are one step closer to the vision that keeps circling in your head.

The most challenging part of being determined is having the mindset to start. However, as you make one step toward the vision, desire, or dream you have in your soul, you are setting yourself up to receive ‘it.’

No matter where you are in your life, there is an opportunity for you to continue because if you are reading this… you still have breath, which is needed to begin the process of being determined.

With each breath you take, and with each choice you make after you take the breath, you will go in the direction of what you want to see changed, or you will go in a direction that could take you a little longer to experiene the change you want to see. Moreover, either choice you decide to put into action, you will get to the next stop on your journey.

Three things you can do to increase your determination

  • Stop
  • Think
  • Reflect

Stop and take a moment to release all of the emotions you have concerning your determination to keep going.

Think about what’s needed to gain momentum again so that you can continue with determination.

Reflect on how your life has shifted over the past ten years then take note of how you made it through those times because that is a beautiful example of determination.

In essence, you have what it takes to be determined. Tap into the determination by permitting yourself to feel the emotions of where you are in life so that you release what keeps pulling you down.

you will get there. 

Dr. E


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