Atmosphere: You choose how to react or respond to the situation

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Setting the atmosphere


When you set the atmosphere by the actions you bring to an environment, you are defining the tone for that situation.


Life will have you reacting in a variety of ways when faced with situations that don’t align with how you think it should go. For example, if you have been disappointed by another human being, rejected by someone you love, cheated on by your significant other, lied to by your spouse, or someone had choice words with you, those feelings will naturally cause you to react.


All of the examples above are valid reasons to react, but when you react to these hurtful things, you are taking away from your peacefulness.


Trust me, I have had many opportunities to react— and not with love, but because I didn’t “react,” peace found me quicker!



Strategies you can use to handle situations in 2018


  • If a person is trying to get a reaction out of you — minimize their power that they ‘think’ they have by refusing their action.


  • The hurt that has been done to you by another person— reflect on the hurt by being honest with yourself, and then give yourself the time and space you need to be at peace.


  • Don’t get in a back and forth argument with the person — hold your peace then respond in a calm, but specific way when they least expect it.


  • Listen. By listening, you can better determine the hurt that is causing that person to hurt you.


  • Take a time-out to feel what you feel then define how you will respond in a non-hurtful way.
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