Comprehending God’s Timing Leads To Frustration

Comprehending God’s timing is not possible because the Creator does not think the way we do, but as you wait, it can become the safest place to arrive at on time. Have you ever wanted something to happen on your timetable? I know I have. It’s not convenient to keep wanting something to occur when […]

How Are You Pointing Your Character Compass In Your Life?

Character, an element that speaks to how we treat ourselves and those connected to us. Because you were created with an intention in mind, how you intentionally point your character compass can position you in the direction that brings life to your soul. Going deeper, setting your compass of character toward the ‘light’ is an […]

4 Ways To Get You Through Your Drought Season In Life

EVERY DROUGHT SEASON HAS THE POTENTIAL TO RECEIVE RAIN IN DUE TIME. Where you are in your life right now may not be the most exciting, most exhilarating, or most incredible point you could ever imagine you would be in life. You feel the opposite, which feels like a drought. Going deeper, at times you […]

Complimenting Yourself Is An Ingredient For Self-love

Complimenting yourself is a direct reflection of self-love. When you can admire who God created you to be, you don’t look for others to validate your value and your beauty because your awareness of His creation feeds your soul. As human beings, we look for others to make us feel good, and when we don’t […]

How Being In The Wilderness Produces Your Brave Moments

YOUR BRAVE MOMENT IS THE ROOT OF FAITH AND COURAGE. IT IS ALSO YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE IN THE WILDERNESS. Facing each day when all is flowing in the direction you want it to go, takes minimal faith. On the other hand, meeting the day when life is questionable; when you’re fighting with your spouse; […]