What’s In Your Package? The Undesirable Things In Life

MY PACKAGE IN REAL LIFE I’m the type of person that shows a lot of reactions on my face (ha! God’s way of making sure I don’t say anything too crazy), and sometimes my facial expression… talks for me. A lesson I’m learning in this season of my life is teaching me that there is […]

Feeling Tired: How To Fight The Giant You Cannot See

Have you ever wanted to dismiss the heavy sensation you feel in your soul from time to time? It is this feeling of heaviness that makes one think they are fighting a giant all by themselves. It is also this feeling one might have in their mind that prevents them from feeling they cannot make […]

How To Fix A Situation That Involves Others

Have you ever wanted something to happen your way, but you kept feeling defeated because it was not happening on your timeline? Well, as humans, it’s natural for us to want to fix it (hopefully, I’m not on an island by myself). However, when we ‘fix it’ or try to ‘fix people,’ we end up […]

How To Love When You Don’t Feel Like Loving Them

Celebration can be a difficult thing to do when the other person is showing you the opposite of something to celebrate. But, when you celebrate the other person in ‘real-time’ (seeking out the positives), there is an opportunity for chaos to cease, and for love to find its way. ‘WHAT DO I MEAN BY THAT?” […]