How To Sense Your Sweet Spot In Life

Have you ever seen something that didn’t look all that great to the natural eye? It ‘poked’ your interest, yet, you bypassed it? A LESSON DURING BRUNCH: We were at one of our favorite brunch places last week, and I vacillated back and forth on whether or not I was going to order these pancakes […]

Inhale Today What You Believe That Will Change

When you inhale belief each day, you put your mind in a position to believe–even when it doesn’t look like it will ever change. IN REAL LIFE… I recall a particular situation where I had to connect with a person… day in…day out. This young lady was under my skin, and everyone else’s too. Now keep […]

The Story Of Love Naturally

MY THOUGHT PROCESS I planted a seed…but I didn’t know the ‘type’ of seed I was planting…The words love naturally were part of my closing signature when I blogged from 2010-2012. Although, I never imagined how the words “Loving Naturally or Loving You Naturally” would come full circle in my life and my brother’s life. When I […]

When A Storm Doesn’t Look Like It’s Passing

Duration | noun |  the time during which something exists or lasts Have you ever wished something different was happening in your life, to your life, or just wished something else was going on? Well, when I honed in on the word duration while being in the midst of the downpour of rain from Hurricane Irma, it made […]

What Do You Mean By Love Naturally?

Love naturally (LN) is that type of phrase that has one pondering, and asking themselves, ‘Hmmm, how do I love naturally?’ 🙂 Often times as humans, when we think about love, we reflect on how we respond in relationships. But with LN, it’s the overall culmination of how we react and respond to love when […]