Praying. Are you ready for the answer to arrive?

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Each time you pray for something to change, you have to be mentally prepared.

My quick story….


So, I have a couple of things that I’ve been praying about, and these things are life-altering, life-changing, and could be an awesome thing if it came to pass, but the journey of getting there is not so glamours!


Last week, when I least expected it, two of the prayers were semi-answered, and it freaked me out! I literally paused and said, “hold up God, wait, umm… am I ready for this??” Ha! That’s when it occurred to me that one has to be somewhat mentally prepared for the answer to come at any time.

Expecting for the answer to come


If you are hoping, praying, and believing that an answer is on its way, begin to get in a mental space of preparation so that you’re in a position of expectancy.


With the position of expectancy, you are in a mental space where you are prepared to ‘marry’ the answer and not ‘divorce’ it as soon as you receive what you have believed that would happen to you.


Whether you’re believing for a different job, a spouse, a new car, for your purpose to reveal itself, a higher paying job, falling in love again, or staying married another 15 years—be in a position as if you’ve already received the answer.


As you are in the position like you’ve received it, you are better prepared to handle the ebbs and flows that will come with any change in life that may occur when you receive the answers to your prayers.

How to get in position to before the answer comes


1) Stay prepared to receive ‘it’ by acting like you are there

2) Do the things that you have control over to make sure you’re ready for the answer

3) Communicate with God by sharing your pretty thoughts and not so pretty thoughts

4) Do something that makes you laugh while you wait for it to come to pass


I’ve learned by doing small things in the midst of waiting for the answer to reveal itself, has the ability to help you be in a different mindset as the answer to your prayers makes its way to you.

Stay prepared.


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